Chiropractic Services in Frisco TX

Chronic Pain Services in Frisco TX

Here at RegenRX Medical we're proud to be known as one of the most trusted and well-established Frisco Chiropractors. By offering a full spectrum of both traditional and modern therapies, we're able to help our patients address a more broad range of health concerns through a variety of treatment and rehab options. Whether you're recovering from an accident or injury, or looking to end the agonizing cycle of daily pain, we encourage you to learn why so many have come to trust Hoogeveen for chiropractic care in the Frisco area.

  • ARPWave®
  • ATM2
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spinal Rehabilitation
  • PROadjuster
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Sports Rehab
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • Whiplash & Auto Accident Recovery

The manner and methods in which you seek treatment after a car accident will play a significant role in your recovery. Simply put, there is no cookie-cutter injury rehab program. It takes the experience and keen expertise of a skilled chiropractor to make sure your recovery is tailored specifically around you. Hoogeveen is one of the leading Frisco chiropractic clinics for auto accident and whiplash treatment.

Innovative Treatment for Daily & Chronic Pain

Living with daily pain can be exhausting on so many levels, but the good news is that new treatments are helping people eliminate pain fast and permanently. By utilizing a combination of traditional and more innovative therapies, Hoogeveen has successfully helped many in the Frisco area in breaking the cycle of daily pain, including many who did not respond favorably to chiropractic treatment in the past.

Accelerated Sports & Injury Rehab

In just the past decade a number of new therapies have emerged, and completely changed the way we recover after injuries. As a Frisco chiropractor who's always seeking new ways to help patients recover more rapidly, we've been on the forefront of the industry's most promising pain elimination treatments. Call RegenRX Medical today to learn more about ARPwave, kinesio taping, ATM2 and other popular new therapies.

The Most Diverse Offering of Chiropractic Services in Frisco

To make an appointment with RegenRX Medical or learn more about our full selection of Frisco chiropractic services, give us a call at (972) 987-0114. Our clinic offers both evening and weekend hours, and we work with most major health insurance carriers.


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