Sport Injury Treatment in Frisco TX

Sport Injury Treatment in Frisco TX

Sports injuries can happen to amateurs and professionals alike. Our Frisco chiropractor works with athletes at all levels whether they are an enthusiast or a pro in their game of choice. We are committed to helping you prevent sports injuries from occurring and getting you back into the game when one does take place.

Common sports injuries seen by our chiropractor for sport injury treatment

At RegenRX Medical we see sports injuries of all types from moderate to severe. Oftentimes athletes will come in for a regular adjustment and we will discover that you are at risk for developing one. In this case, we adjust you to help you perform optimally. Common sports injuries we see are shoulder pain, ankle sprain, knee pain and back pain. RegenRX Medical is your source for sports-related shoulder, knee and back pain relief in Frisco.

Sports Injury Methods We Use

  • ARP wave therapy is neuro-healing modality that is for accelerated performance treatments and works on the premise that joint issues, tears, sprains, fractures and repetitive motion activities are caused by muscles not efficiently absorbing force. The therapy works by neurologically re-educating muscles.
  • Kinesio-taping is a great modality to help reduce pain and keep ligaments, tendons and muscle groups performing together. It also helps keep you in the game by preventing injury and stabilizing affected regions.
  • Cold laser therapy is a low level laser that works to help reduce inflammation and heal soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons and fascia. Specific wavelengths will be used as a restorative modality of healing.
  • The Proadjuster is an excellent choice when hands-on methods are not being used. The Proadjuster uses computer sensors to pinpoint the affected regions and then delivers a gentle mechanical pressure to the affected region to promote healing.
  • ATM 2 provides back pain relief in Frisco, TX and is ideal for athletes because it is an exercise-based therapy.

The benefits of chiropractic care for athletes beyond injury care

We are proud to be known for the patient education we facilitate here in Frisco, Texas. Because we endeavor to be a part of your total wellness plan, we can emphasize enough that chiropractic care is excellent for athletes to maintain to prevent injuries from occurring. By keeping the spine aligned and preventing subluxation, you are optimizing the communication between your nervous system and the rest of your body. By doing so you are improving your ability to participate in your sport of choice at a higher level of performance. When interference in nervous system communication has been removed or prevented with ongoing chiropractic care, the body performs better with improved blood flow, better oxygenation to tissues and help eliminating excess nitrous oxide from the body.

Are you ready to tackle sport injury treatment or prevent injuries with regular chiropractic care? Our experienced team is looking forward to seeing you soon. Please call us to schedule with our Frisco chiropractor at (972) 987-0114.


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