Carpal Tunnel in Frisco TX

Carpal Tunnel in Frisco TX

The differences between occasional wrist stiffness and carpal tunnel syndrome are poles apart. Unlike the infrequent discomfort that can affect all of us from time to time, carpal tunnel symptoms can be long lasting, far more intense and often unresponsive to OTC medications. Like most forms of physical discomfort, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome tend to start off tolerable and grow more severe over time. The most effective thing a person can do is to treat it at its earliest stage whenever possible. Fortunately, even the most severe cases of CTS can respond favorably to nervous system and musculoskeletal-based therapies.

Treating Carpal Tunnel Begins with Understanding It

This widespread but seldom understood physical ailment is something millions will deal with during their lifetime. RegenRX Medical believes that finding the best course of treatment begins with having a sound understanding of the condition itself. Here are some things to me mindful of when seeking carpal tunnel treatment.

  • Carpal tunnel surgery can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000
  • Fewer than 60% of those who have surgery report a 100% recovery
  • Carpal tunnel occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed
  • Common CTS symptoms are pain, numbness, burning and limited movement
  • Research suggests a link between some metabolic disorders and CTS
  • Symptoms most commonly affect the person's dominant hand
  • Women are almost three times more likely to develop carpal tunnel
  • Untreated past injuries are a common cause of CTS symptoms

Common Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes

Just as the back has nerves which get pinched, the nerves of the wrist can become pinched too, as the surrounding bones become increasingly compressed. Carpal tunnel symptoms manifest most commonly when the hands and arms spend extended periods of time in non-natural positions. While anyone can be affected, it's quite common among professionals, writers, pianists and those who work with vibrating tools and heavy machinery.

It's certainly worth mentioning that not all CTS sufferers can trace their symptoms back to cubicles and awkward work positions. It's now known that problems throughout the body, most notably those affected by the median nerve, can result in the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Safe Carpal Tunnel Therapy in Frisco TX

Tired of living with the frustrations and pain of carpal tunnel symptoms? Call RegenRX Medical in Frisco TX to learn how we've helped others in the DFW area.


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