Patient Testimonials

"My experience has been absolutely amazing!! I can’t say enough good things about the staff in the office. They are so caring and concerned with each person. They are available anytime you have questions or concerns and are very knowledgeable about the program too. This has changed my life!"

- Lisa H. McKinney

"When I first started round 1, right off the start the weight dropped... I was also diabetic, and since week two of my first round I have not had any meds. It has been nice being able to eat fish, try different veggies and not have to take any meds!"

- Chris L.

"Flight attendant that was having carpal tunnel like symptoms in both hands and loss of strength as well as severe neck pain. Is now pain free and has full use of her hands. Tells others, “Dr. George is a phenominal doctor."

- Katy B.

"Chronic low back pain due to herniated disks, uneven shoulders and extrememly poor posture, is now virtually pain free enjoys excellent posture with level shoulders, thanks to Dr. George."

- John N.

"I went from being in so much pain that it hurt to move to being practically pain free in just two sessions. Dr. G was very thorough and listened to everything before trying to assess my issues. My previous doctor wanted the quick fix and now I like I’ve found a solution! Today was my 12th visit and I couldn’t be happier."

- Tricia W.

"I’m Very happy! I believe in this program, and that it saved my life. I loved the food, the rapid progress and Dr. George’s support (top notch)! I’ve noticed positive changes in my energy and re-programmed food brain!"

- Alan A.


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